My desire is to help photographers and illustrators attract and build new relationships in the commercial advertising industry by putting their best work forward in smart, fresh ways, ultimately booking creative photography assignments with solid agencies & clients that fully utilize their unique point of view.

Here are some highlights of how I can help. To find out more please email me to set up a free 20 minute call so I can learn more about your needs and examine how I can best assist you on your creative and professional path. 

  • ESTIMATING PROCESS: Creating the estimate in BlinkBid Online, with or without a producer. Gather proper job specs, negotiations and revisions with clients, setting up the creative call, project treatments, creative fee structuring -Guide project from start to finish.
  • IMAGE EDITING: Targeted, Powerful Image Edits: Critiques, Websites, Personal Projects, Print Portfolios, iPad Presentations, Print and email Promos, Gallery Collections; from updating and fast tweaks to large scale -rebranding, image editing projects. 
  • MARKETING & BRAND STRATEGIES: Critique Current Marketing Plan, Clarify your Target Market, create Target Marketing + Social Media Plan, Build Client Lists, guide on Promotional Concepts and Strategy based on where you are now and where you want to go next.
  • FINDING INSPIRATION: Get right to the heart of the matter with you; collaborate on concept development for the creation of new, expressive and unique imagery and self promotional projects; a crucial component  as one strives to make an outstanding impact with their work -the key to a successful and sustainable career as a photographer.


Rates are flexible based on an hourly rate or a project rate with a sliding scale based on the scope of work. All rates are specific to individual projects as no two projects are the same as are no two photographers or illustrators.