• "Well, there are consultants and there are consultants…and then there is Stephanie. I have worked with several over the years and I can honestly say that Stephanie is my favorite. We clicked from the first, and after a quick intro, I realized that our instincts hewed the same path and we were off. Through a spirited site and portfolio re-build, Stephanie has been a joy to work with…responsive, focused and very positive about my career and the goals I have set. I am looking forward to her inclusion as a member of my team for estimating projects and also to be able to share new work with her as this year unfolds. Having her seasoned eye help fine-tune my work can only make me a better photographer.” Max Hirshfeld | Pictures


"Working with Stephanie for 13 years was having an A+ person and agent working along side me. Her honesty, passion, taste and work ethic is equal to mine plus she was so well liked in the ad community. So sad when she moved to NY and left the company. I've been struggling to replace her since she left.

Really hard to explain what she meant to me and the talent we represented. She is a dear friend and will be forever." -Michael Ash, Michael Ash Partners




"The challenges I've faced in my life as a photographer have been eased considerably by my extra-ordinary sister Stephanie and her brilliant work over the years as my representative, creative collaborator, confidant, advisor, cheerleader and inspiration. Her natural empathy and sensitivity attracted our clients to her, allowed them to trust her and create long term relationships. She went on from working for me to representing some of the world's top photographers, booking countless major ad campaigns and building many careers. Because of her own artistic path as an actress and now as a painter she connects with photographers and artists on deep personal level. She understands their process, sacrifice and passion. Stephanie also works as a consultant on portfolios, marketing and balancing life with work. It is my great pleasure to recommend her without reservation."  -Doug Menuez, Menuez Pictures


"It has been a pleasure and blessing working with Stephanie.  She's given me objective and invaluable advice on shaping my career.  With her many years of experience in the field and vast knowledge of the ever-changing market, her opinion has helped guide my work and develop a strategy for an exciting future.  When I found her I felt lost, whereas now I have a path to follow and amazing new sense of optimism." -Garret Suhrie, Photographer


"Stephanie was my agent for years while working with Michael Ash & Partners, we had great success with every assignment she booked for me, very creative projects that took me around the world like Microsoft, Sprint, Toyota and many more. Stephanie was very hands on and involved with every aspect of each project. She is passionate about photography, easy, personable and fun to work with; a total professional on all levels."  -Markku Lahdesmaki, Lightroom Inc.


"Stephanie I find to be very wise and also very intuitive. She has spent many years in the professional world of photography and I trust her judgments immensely.  Her advice has always been right on, very much to the point and she has always directed me to come from my heart and to trust my own  instincts which ultimately propelled me forward in a very prosperous & evolving way."  -Cheryl Maeder, Cheryl Maeder Photography


"Working with Stephanie is a true pleasure. Her years of experience translate into efficient and realistic conversations that lead to landing jobs. Even on our first job together, she worked as a true partner entirely focused on my success. She clearly loves getting engaged in the problem solving that's so essential to managing a successful business."  -Scott Lewis, Scott Lewis Photography


"Stephanie is a true professional. Having worked with her recently on editing my folio I can only but praise her. The process was smooth, the feedback constructive. All helping to finish the editing process in a timely manner. I would recommend Stephanie any day!"  -Ron Eshel, Ron Eshel Photography, Inc


"I have consulted with Stephanie on bids, marketing, editing and and general outreach for my photography business, and she has been a great asset throughout all these stages.  Stephanie can brainstorm any scenario and troubleshoot potential production issues with a great approach and ease. She has a keen eye for editing and for what goes into making a striking image and brings a lot to the table, from a philosophical standpoint to composition, production and the value of post production.  It has been a great pleasure to work with her." -Caterina Bernardi, Photographer


"Stephanie Menuez has been instrumental in building strong relationships and booking big jobs with great clients for me.  Steph is a genuine, sincere, fun person.  I consider her a dear friend and a dependable business partner."  -Sean Murphy, Photographer


"I enjoyed working with Stephanie! Her energy and enthusiasm were catchy, and her experience in the industry invaluable to someone like me, who is new to the NY market. Stephanie created a series of lists customized to my targets (via Agency Access), and this select list she created, in turn, has narrowed down an overwhelming list of contacts into a manageable number of key industry people I plan to contact, and hopefully meet and show them my book in person, and in turn, grow my business, Catalina Kulczar Photographer. Our work, from start to finish, was about a week and during our consult and thereafter, Stephanie was only an email or phone call away to help clarify and answer all of my questions. I recommend her!"  -Catalina Kulczar, Catalina Kulczar Photography


“Stephanie is a "go to" resource for all things photographic.  in every aspect from the business side, production, post production, talent pool...she's got her fingers on the pulse of this complex and ever changing world of photography. A person of great character who knows how to navigate, negotiate and make nice. You'll like working with her!!”  -Melinda Estey, art buyer at DDB San Fransico

"Stephanie, frankly, just kicked ass for my photographer. She negotiated and won lucrative contracts for our projects with American Express, Disney, Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, AT&T, and many many more."  -Gina Knepell, past project manager, Jim Erickson Productions  Currently, Founder & Creator of Nourish Method


“I've had the pleasure to work with Stephanie for many years and she is not only a wonderful person, which comes across whenever you speak with her, but she loves photography and artists of any kind. She is 100% engaged and enthusiastic about every inquiry or assignment that comes her way and is committed to ensuring that a job is successful from the initial creative call through final production. Stephanie is a gifted photo agent and consultant. Not only is she one of the first agents I think of when a new assignment comes my way but I often reach out to her to discuss industry trends and brainstorm ideas. She is just terrific all the way around.”  -Denise Knickerbocker, freelance art buyer, LA & San Francisco

“Stephanie Menuez is a fabulous Photography Consultant and has been my “go-to” source for hiring photographers for many years. She is absolutely the best resource for finding the perfect photographer for a job of any size and type. Art Directors love her too, so that makes my job easy.
When I give Stephanie an idea of the style I’m after, she comes back with spot-on suggestions for photographers who fit. If there is no one on her roster who fits the bill, she’s quick to recommend others. Her quoting skills are phenomenal, as is her attention to detail. Steph is a joy to work with on all levels."  -Jenny Taich, Freelance Art Buyer and Print Produce


“Stephanie taught me that making the personal contact is so much more than just dialing a phone # and hoping the Art Director answers.  Through our countless exchanges she made me understand and articulate who I was as an artist. Now when I do make personal contact with an art director or art buyer, they will remember me because they like what they hear and ultimately see my work on my site.  Being a photographer today is so much more than producing good images and knowing your clients , it is above all about knowing who you are.  That’s what Stephanie helped me understand."  -Sue Barr, Sue Barr Children's Lifestyle Photography