After years as a motion picture Director and Cinematographer, I decided to elevate my photography business, but needed guidance on how to most effectively present my portfolio of work to clients. I reached to a trusted friend and fellow photographer, Jason Elias who quickly referred me to Stephanie. Stephanies passion for the business and commitment to me as a client was immediate and lasting. Her eye for a compelling photo and its context with others is unmatched.  She took a broad collection of images captured over many years and created narratives that made the work shine while focusing on my goals as a photographer. She also advised me on where to round out my work to fill in the gaps and enlightened me on everything from website presentation to the business end of the print world. Stephanie was a pleasure to work with at every level, and I look forward to our continued collaboration. I'm happy to consider her a colleague and friend. -Steven Faulkner Moyer

What can I say about Stephanie that hasn’t already been said? I truly adore her—and am truly grateful to her. She listened closely to what I wanted, knew how to help me take my photography website in the right direction and went through hundreds and hundreds of photos to curate an intelligent, impactful story. She has a keen eye and a perspective on my work that has been invaluable. My website is truly a labor of Stephanie’s love… and I can’t wait to work with her again!  -Kelly Davidson Studio

Working with Stephanie was one of the most refreshing and eye-opening experiences I have had yet while editing my work.  Stephanie took her time and got to know my work intimately, seeing my photography in ways I had never quite seen. She went beyond what worked visually, editing thematically by exploring and illuminating the deeper motivations of how I shoot.  Plus, she (and her husband) are just super nice to boot.  -Jason Elias Photography


I was referred to Stephanie from a colleague and after collaborating on my website edit, I’ve recommend her to many other colleagues. The experience of working together, her eye for edits, and her feel for flow has been incredible. I threw a lot of imagery her way, and she was able to  help me get my website much more cohesive and effective. Working together was like collaborating on a sculpture where she was able to take a large mass (which would be the images) and begin creating a form (edits for website galleries) and then together we carved out the fine details.  -Aaron Fallon Photography

A photographer’s hardest job is editing her own work—seeing it as a potential client would. That’s where Stephanie Menuez shines.  Not only did Stephanie bring a fresh, business-savvy perspective to my portfolio. She brought two great eyes, a ton of industry experience, and a fabulous personality to boot.  I was amazed how quickly Stephanie absorbed my thousands of images and brought order out of chaos.  Even more amazing, she showed me my photos in a fresh new light. Helped me cull the weak ones, dug out gems I didn’t know I had, discovered common themes I would never have thought of. My portfolio site started working like never before—aesthetically and commercially.  Most amazing of all, the whole process has been collaborative, convivial, even fun. Thanks, Stephanie.  -Carol Dronsfield Photography

Perhaps one of the best things a photographer can do is to find someone who can objectively evaluate their work.  Stephanie has deconstructed and reconstructed my web site using, in many cases, images I would have passed over.  She has politely suggested I drop images I thought were some of my best work…but perhaps they weren’t.  The result is that I’m getting a much stronger reaction to the images on my web site and in my portfolio.  Most important, however, is that she is making me a better photographer. My thought process and my client communication has been elevated to a new level. Bottom line, my business has grown.  2016 was my 4th record year in a row.  I gained 22 new clients of the type and size I am striving to serve.  -Steve Silverman | Architectural Photographer | 'Be Remarkable'

Stephanie Menuez is one of the Best! It’s been an absolute thrill working with her over the last few months.  We’ve worked on everything from a total website overhaul to marketing and estimates.  From the first time we talked on the phone, I new I would be collaborating with a passionate person with a love for the arts.  We absolutely grooved on website edits and she helped me realize a new excitement for what I love to do, she totally gets me!  Stephanie also works endlessly on estimates to get the numbers where they need to be with enthusiasm & confidence.  She’s a legend in my eye & I’ll always consider her a friend and mentor.   -Drew Reynolds | Photographer

Collaborating with Stephanie Menuez was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. Steph took what I felt to be a disjointed presentation and unified it in a surprisingly fresh, artistic, and elegant edit.  For the first time in my career I feel like my portfolio is a true reflection of my personality, style, and abilities.  As a result, I am now not only more confident in myself and my work, but agencies are beginning to call with bigger projects.  Stephanie’s experience and knowledge of the industry allow her to see clearly which markets or industries are fertile for my particular style and she has helped me develop a smart and manageable plan to move my business forward.  On top of it all, Steph is just a delightful person to work with and a fountain of positive energy.  I’m fortunate and grateful to have her on my team.   -Chris Lake Photography

The hardest part of being an independent artist is seeing one’s own work with objectivity–That is seeing it without all the backstory and history nobody really cares about.  With years of industry experience and sharp instincts, Stephanie was able to assemble website and portfolio edits that both surprised and pleased me with their freshness. In the process of our collaboration, she found connections in my work I hadn’t, which left me actually feeling reinvented.   -Saverio Truglia Photography


It came time to get an outside opinion. There are a lot of great consultants out there to choose from, but I've heard great things about Stephanie. So, I figured why not give her a try and I'm glad I did! Originally, I was thinking I'd hand over everything and just let her figure my mess out. She broke groups out and from there we collaborated together on creating what is my website now. She's always been fair and honest with me. Which allowed me to be open and honest with myself and her while editing the work. I look forward to continually collaborating with her while I fly my solo ship.  -Russ Quackenbush Photography

Stephanie Menuez Rocks !!!  Our crossroads were Linkedin.  From the very first conversation I knew Stephanie was someone gifted with insight, experience, and passion for what she does.   She truly walks the walk.  I adhere to the philosophy that when creating personal work you proceed without asking questions and create what moves you.   Stephanie gets it, she understood how I work and didn’t try to change the process, at the same time giving direction to my wander.  I have been lucky to have a few people who have embraced what I do and changed the path of my career, Stephanie is now added to the list.   -Kevin Banna Photography

When I decided to revamp my online presentation I turned to Stephanie for help and guidance, and from day one was impressed by not only her experience but how well she synthesized and crystallized my extensive body of work. It is often difficult to impossible for a photographer to organize and edit what they do, so finding a source like Stephanie is essential. She quickly divided the work into concise categories and spent a good deal of time combing through my archives. The end result has garnered much praise and has led to some great assignments. Also, Stephanie’s innate sense of design and style were an added bonus, and made for a great collaboration.   -David Katzenstein Photography

Well, there are consultants and there are consultants…and then there is Stephanie. I have worked with several over the years and I can honestly say that Stephanie is my favorite. We clicked from the first, and after a quick intro, I realized that our instincts hewed the same path and we were off. Through a spirited site and portfolio re-build, Stephanie has been a joy to work with…responsive, focused and very positive about my career and the goals I have set. I am looking forward to her inclusion as a member of my team for estimating projects and also to be able to share new work with her as this year unfolds. Having her seasoned eye help fine-tune my work can only make me a better photographer.  -Max Hirshfeld | Pictures

Stephanie came highly recommended by another consultant I have been using.  I wanted to get a different perspective on my imagery.  After a couple of initial conversations, it seemed that she was a good fit for what I was looking for.  Prior to the edit we talked about my current website, goals for future photography as well as my goals for the next web site, and a bit about my history.  She had some initial suggestions about layout and gallery organization that was right on point.  While I explored those ideas, she started work on the edit of the images.  Because she was new to my work, I really hit her hard with well over 200 images from the past few years of photography.  After about a couple of weeks, she came back with a really great image edit that addressed all of the items we talked about in prior conversations.  It was just a couple of minor tweaks to her edit before we called it done.  Very pleased with the work and the time she spent with me and the edit.  -David Westphal Photography, Inc.

I am proud to have Stephanie as part of my team. Steph has a deep knowledge of our business and she has been a trusted advisor to me during estimating and booking jobs over the past two years. Stephanie's honest character makes her a pleasure to work with. Her efficient and thorough work ethic has been invaluable while I am traveling and on set, and with her help I am able to run my business at the high standard I strive for.  -Jonathan Kozowyk Photography


Working with Stephanie for 13 years was having an A+ person and agent working along side me. Her honesty, passion, taste and work ethic is equal to mine plus she was so well liked in the ad community. So sad when she moved to NY and left the company. I've been struggling to replace her since she left.  Really hard to explain what she meant to me and the talent we represented. She is a dear friend and will be forever.   Michael Ash, NDA

The challenges I've faced in my life as a photographer have been eased considerably by my extra-ordinary sister Stephanie and her brilliant work over the years as my representative, creative collaborator, confidant, advisor, cheerleader and inspiration. Her natural empathy and sensitivity attracted our clients to her, allowed them to trust her and create long term relationships. She went on from working for me to representing some of the world's top photographers, booking countless major ad campaigns and building many careers. Because of her own artistic path as an actress and now as a painter she connects with photographers and artists on deep personal level. She understands their process, sacrifice and passion. Stephanie also works as a consultant on portfolios, marketing and balancing life with work. It is my great pleasure to recommend her without reservation.  -Doug Menuez, Menuez Pictures

It has been a pleasure and blessing working with Stephanie.  She's given me objective and invaluable advice on shaping my career.  With her many years of experience in the field and vast knowledge of the ever-changing market, her opinion has helped guide my work and develop a strategy for an exciting future.  When I found her I felt lost, whereas now I have a path to follow and amazing new sense of optimism.  -Garret Suhrie, Photographer

Stephanie was my agent for years while working with Michael Ash & Partners, we had great success with every assignment she booked for me, very creative projects that took me around the world like Microsoft, Sprint, Toyota and many more. Stephanie was very hands on and involved with every aspect of each project. She is passionate about photography, easy, personable and fun to work with; a total professional on all levels.   -Markku Lahdesmaki, Lightroom Inc.

Stephanie I find to be very wise and also very intuitive. She has spent many years in the professional world of photography and I trust her judgments immensely.  Her advice has always been right on, very much to the point and she has always directed me to come from my heart and to trust my own  instincts which ultimately propelled me forward in a very prosperous & evolving way.   -Cheryl Maeder, Cheryl Maeder Photography

Working with Stephanie makes me smarter and her professionalism and knowledge enables me to make thoughtful and sophisticated presentations to clients. I have absolute faith in her when she represents me to clients during the bidding process. It’s hard to articulate the peace of mind I get when Stephanie is representing my interests. I can trust the outcomes almost blindly and when we do discuss matters, she’s devoted to getting the job and won’t let anything get in the way. Having Stephanie in my corner is an asset that not only ensures I get the most out of each situation but she is also a safeguard that prevents me from making a mistake. Stephanie is flexible, thoughtful, committed, realistic, creative and tenacious when necessary. She’s a trusted ally and I couldn’t imagine moving my business forward without her by my side.  -Scott Lewis, Scott Lewis Photography

Stephanie has been instrumental in helping edit my image folios over the years wether for the web or print. She understands the language of imagery and makes the process flow with ease.  Furthermore, Stephanie’s expertise has helped me bid jobs successfully. You just can’t put a price on this kind of help!   -Ron Eshel, Ron Eshel Photography, Inc

“Stephanie is a "go to" resource for all things photographic.  in every aspect from the business side, production, post production, talent pool...she's got her fingers on the pulse of this complex and ever changing world of photography. A person of great character who knows how to navigate, negotiate and make nice. You'll like working with her!!”  -Melinda Estey, art buyer at DDB San Fransico

“I've had the pleasure to work with Stephanie for many years and she is not only a wonderful person, which comes across whenever you speak with her, but she loves photography and artists of any kind. She is 100% engaged and enthusiastic about every inquiry or assignment that comes her way and is committed to ensuring that a job is successful from the initial creative call through final production. Stephanie is a gifted photo agent and consultant. Not only is she one of the first agents I think of when a new assignment comes my way but I often reach out to her to discuss industry trends and brainstorm ideas. She is just terrific all the way around.”  -Denise Knickerbocker, freelance art buyer, LA & San Francisco

"Stephanie, frankly, just kicked ass for my photographer. She negotiated and won lucrative contracts for our projects with American Express, Disney, Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, AT&T, and many many more."  -Gina Knepell, past project manager, Jim Erickson Productions  Currently, Founder & Creator of Nourish Method

“Stephanie Menuez is a fabulous Photography Consultant and has been my “go-to” source for hiring photographers for many years. She is absolutely the best resource for finding the perfect photographer for a job of any size and type. Art Directors love her too, so that makes my job easy.
When I give Stephanie an idea of the style I’m after, she comes back with spot-on suggestions for photographers who fit. If there is no one on her roster who fits the bill, she’s quick to recommend others. Her quoting skills are phenomenal, as is her attention to detail. Steph is a joy to work with on all levels."  -Jenny Taich, Freelance Art Buyer and Print Produce